Comprehensive Eye Check-up

Our process starts with a detailed recording of Case history – Details about the patients general health, medications, his work environment and vision problems he may be experiencing.

Vision tests

Using a visual acuity chart and a reading card, our eye specialist will assess the patient’s ability to see small details clearly at both near and far distances. Any refractive errors will be detected and corrective measures will be suggested using a combination of lenses. Eye specialist will systematically change the lens combination until a clear focus is obtained.

Eye movement

Using a number of tests, the eye doctor will evaluate how well your eyes align or coordinate when working together and individually.

Slit lamp examination

The front portion of the eye is examined in detail using a special instrument called slit lamp.

Intraocular pressure measurement

It is a process to measure the pressure in the eye and is an important test in detecting glaucoma

Dilated examination

Will be administered dilating drops to see the back portion of the eye (retina) using the indirect ophthalmoscope and 90D.

Other tests may be undertaken to evaluate your ability to change focus, see colour correctly, or perceive depth correctly. Any patient who walks in at Anand eye hospital with any kind of problem has to undergo a comprehensive eye checkup to help the doctor understand the patient’s total eye anatomy and history and solve the case with more clarity and confidence. We are equipped with the latest technologies for an accurate and comprehensive eye checkup to ensure the best for the patient.

Did you Know?

Dr. Vijay Ananth is a recipient of Dr. S. Sathiavakesan Gold Medal – For the best outgoing student in ophthalmology, RIOGOH, Chennai – Diploma in ophthalmology 2003.

Eye Check up Queries?

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