Outpatient department

State of the Art Equipments

  • Slit-lamp chair unit  –  To examine Anterior segment of the eye
  • Goldmann applanation tonometer – To check the Intra ocular pressure –Glaucoma management.
  • Digital vision chart (I chart) – visual acuity chart and a reading card, your eye specialist will assess your ability to see small details clearly at both near and far distances.
  • Ophthalmoscope (direct, indirect, 90D) -To examine the details of the retina and optic nerve head.
  • Autorefractokeratometer – Computerized eye refractive power detection
  • Lensometer – To detect the patients spectacle power
  • Automated Field testing – To test the patient’s side vision –To diagnosis and follow up the patients with Glaucoma and Neurological issues.
  • Pachymeter-Asses the cornealthickness
  • Stereo acuity chart –To test the binocularity
  • Color vision chart
  • Prism – To test and quantify the ocular misalignment
  • YAG laser – glaucoma management (Peripheral iritotomy)and for  after cataract membrane treatment
  • Gonioscope  – Ocular angle evacuation