Paediatric Eye Care

A comprehensive examination of the children is carried out to detect reduced visual acuity or any other risk factors that threaten the healthy development and growth of eye and visual system. The process at Anand Eye Hospital starts with the following detailed examinations.

Detailed History taking 
Parental observations on the overall quality of the child’s vision, eye alignment and structural features of the eye along with family history, is taken. The presence of learning issues in school is also recorded.

Assess the vision-I chart
Visual acuity is tested using Pediatric vision charts – picture charts and wall charts. This includes symbols and pictures which the children will be able to comprehend and their visual acuity is assessed by the smallest symbol they are able to read at a 10 ft distance.

Stereo vision assessment
A 3D Vision Assessment is done using the 3D stereo images and is particularly useful in assessing problems with the binocular vision such as ambylopia and strabismus.

Color vision
Color Vision is tested using the Ishihara Color Test which consists of a number of colored plates with several different designs which help to identify color vision defect and severity of it.

Ocular alignment & Prism Test
Ocular Alignment Tests are done to rule-out a constant strabismus (Squint) that may affect normal binocular development. Prism Test is done to quantify the ocular Mis-alignment(Squint).

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